The beautiful fall leaf colors enhance this home with Elite Blue Granite and amazing timberframe. The post caps and windowsills are hand-crafted from matching Elite Blue Granite as well.

This round Entrance and stairway is amazing, decked out with the Elite Blue Granite Squares & Rec’s … inside and out. Notice the “Thick Plank Round Staircase… no danger of that one breaking down.

Timberframe on interior and visible through the glass (on exterior). Also notice the stepping down flow to the upper windows.

You look up to the ceiling and say “wow”. This is an amazing builder. We are pleased to supply natural stone to many of his projects.

Stonework and wood beam and ceiling in the Swimming Pool area.

Another Elite Blue Granite Squares & Rec’s Project. Note that this customer desired to add “Harvest Gold Limestone Squares & Rec’s (the Golden pieces) to their project. This can really change the appearance of a home.