This beautiful home is in the mountains of West Virginia. We shipped six loads of stone to them. Our customer chose black mortar color which deepened the color of the dark stone even more. Even after shipping the stone so far the stone mason commented about how happy he was to get such a little amount of waste.


Patty and her family were very happy with our Squared Elite Blue Granite. Imagine how this home will look in the fall in peak leaf color. At Patty’s request, she emailed pictures to us after the mason started laying stone and we gave the mason a few hints on how to make the job even more beautiful. We offer this added monitoring service so that each project can be at its very best, which makes the home owner, stone mason, and all of us very happy. Colonial likes working with everyone involved and works very respectfully with the mason and home owner (if the home owner requests it).


In the front entrance the natural stone looks so good with the heavy duty, solid wood doors. Also notice how the glass is formed around the amazing and large door knobs.


The Matching Stone Pool House