One of our Michigan dealers fell in love with our Elite Blue Granite after seeing this house, built on a horse farm approximately 5 miles from Colonial’s shop. 

Elite Blue Granite Squared, old wooden beams and the cycle make quite a combination inside this home. How often do you see a cycle inside of a house? This house had 3 working fireplaces.

This is the upper section of the 2 sided, 2 story fireplace made from Elite Blue Granite Squared. Notice how the stone in this project was trimmed to be very square and was laid very linear with the horizontal joints running sometimes for 3 -5 feet before jumping to a different height.

This is the lower section of the 2 sided, 2 story fireplace.

The chimney on the horse ranch home (above) and the wall on the front porch (below) were also built with the Elite Blue Granite Squared. All the fireplace pictures above were in the same home as well.

This porch overlooks the pasture fields where the ranch owners can relax and watch their horses eating and playing in the sunset. Watching the frisky little foals is fun.

This fireplace is in a different house, but the Elite Blue Granite Squared also looks good in a log home. Notice that this customer didn’t ask the mason to lay the pieces in as much of a linear pattern as the other fireplaces. The same stone laid differently can make a huge difference in the final appearance. The beauty of natural stone is that you can fit your own desires by making alternatives.