The front entrance.

Even though this Elite Blue Granite was sawn to perfect matching heights, using a 1/2 in. mortar joint… the stone mason took some of the perfectness away… by doing a slight overgrout mortar joint.

This stone mason sawed the ends of each piece on the jobsite, as well as hand pitched (chiseled) each piece to give them a bulge in the middle.

The “Sawn Height Elite Blue Granite has a very linear appearance. The matching Elite Blue Granite Sills add a special elegant touch.

The white Freezeboard really stands out directly under the Black Soffit & Facia when there is a dark stone under it as well.

The customer chose smooth Midnight Black Lintels for using above the windows.

Notice the tall narrow window. There is only room for the Elite Blue Granite sill underneath and the Midnight Black Lintel on top (tucked under the white Freezeboard).