White, Black, and Grey… are getting so popular. Even though the project is not completed yet… it is coming together well.

Some of the windows had black trim.

The windows in the white siding area have black edges and white trim.

The Hand Chiseled edges are very evident and are very beautiful when chiseled on an angle across the amazing veining of the “Elite Blue Granite”.

Notice the perfect chiseling on the corner edge, that the stone mason did.

The Sawn Height Elite Blue Granite is full height in this area. Notice the Black Trim including the porch posts. Also notice the White Freeze Board… which makes the black trim look even darker black.

Notice the Midnight Black Lintels we were asked to provide, to use above the windows. The mason chose to have the Lintels placed 8″ beyond the window edge, compared to the sills having 4″ beyond the edge of the windows. The Midnight Black Lintels compliment the black trim on this project.