Black, white, and grey have been becoming very popular. Our “Midnight Black” is often used to darken blends, to as dark as our customer’s desire. Those that enjoy very dark buildings… often choose either a high percentage of Midnight Black or even 100% Midnight Black.

The Stone Mason hand chiseled the edges of the pillars, window edges, and corners to a perfect line.

This close-up picture shows the beauty of the Elite Blue Granite, hand crafted sills.

Even though the Elite Blue Granite is sawn heights that fit each other with 1/2″ mortar joints… the mortar joints were kept flush with a slight overgrout… making it more rustic. The “Stone Mason” has hand-chiseled the outer edge of each piece giving them a bulge in the center of each piece.

A 123 degree corner.

The Elite Blue Granite Sawn Height Building Stone gives a very linear appearance.

A beautiful home in the countryside.