The sawn height building stone is sawn top and bottom with all broken ends unless we have the request to have the ends sawn as well. The heights are 2 1/4″, 5″, 7 3/4″, and 10 1/2″, and the heights all match each other using a half inch mortar joint.

The fireplace surround is cut from matching Elite Blue Granite, but it is polished. Also notice the matching mantle with a rock faced front edge.

The sawn height building stone has a split front face.

A fireplace is beautiful in any setting.

In comparison to the first four pictures, this fireplace is the same stone, however instead of sawn heights, the edges are guillotine broken. Also notice the Elite Blue Granite polished hearth and mantle. There are also indents above the polished shelves to create extra space for setting things on.