The heights are sawn to 5, 6, and 11 1/2 inches. When even experienced stone masons were told that this house was layed with a string line, they hardly believed it because the 11 1/2″ heights break up the wall so well. Our Northern Collection was designed for speed laying, which enthuses the masons, but is broken up well on the wall. The lowest height in our Northern Collection is 5″, which gives it a very chunky appearance. Other sawn height sizes are also available.

Notice the pieces that have a chipped edge, and how added color veins and beauty is exposed rather than when concrete, man – made stone get chipped and broken aggregate, which looks unappealing, is exposed.

This house is also part of our local tour (when you come and visit us).

Below are photos of the same home approximately 10 years after the stone was laid. Notice the difference in the lilac tree in front of the house. 

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