This article shows mostly the garage and cliffside entrance to this home. You don’t see the lake from this group of pictures, because it is on the other side of the house.

What a beautiful landscaped cliffside leading to the entrance of this home. The original outcrop came over to the half way point of where this new house was to be. After drilling, blasting and removing 400 loads of natural stone, they were finally ready to start building. With a rock cliff on one side and Lake Ramsey on the other side, you have breathtaking views in every direction.

Here is a close up picture of the Elite Blue Granite Sawn Height Building Stone. This customer chose regular grey mortar, with no color additives. The Elite Blue Granite has a very wide range of color and beautiful veining. Some of our customers desire even darker colors and we can satisfy them with numerous granites with varying degrees of blackness, even to one that is pure dark black. You can easily blend these blacks with the Elite Blue Granite creating various blends, or they can be used separately.

Another view (beside the cliffside which is to the right, but not seen on this picture), with the camera pointed toward the house.

This is the upper garage, close to the street, used for when slippery conditions in the winter of Northern ON make the steep slope too dangerous for vehicles to go down toward the house. They used matching Sawn Height Elite Blue Granite on this garage as well.