Front Entrance.

Front View:

You can see the lake view right through the windows of this home. Notice the window sills are 3″ height, and are the same kind of stone to match the rest of the house. This customer chose to use regular grey mortar, with no color tinting added.

This picture was taken as dusk was closing in, but the sun was still hitting the lake and opposite shoreline at the back of the picture.

A view of the house from the dock.

The “water’s edge patio” was done with our Elite Blue Granite Oversized Flagstone.

There are nice views from the “water’s edge patio”. The Elite Blue Granite Oversized Flagstone has some pieces up to 8 – 12 feet long. The finished surface is sawn and textured. The texturing magnifies the beautiful veining in the Elite Blue Granite. Also notice this customer desired to have the joints sawn to fit very tightly.

Notice the random shape of the walk way that flows from the “water’s edge patio” to the dock. The pieces, while random, still had that perfect sawn edge joint.

It’s such a peaceful setting. These little wild friends came swimming through as I was quietly taking pictures. I enjoyed their unexpected visit.

Night lighting at front entrance.

The pumpkin decorations show we are getting close to the Canadian Thanksgiving in October.

Night lighting in the children’s play area, behind the house.