This barbeque is inside the home for year round use in summer, winter, spring or fall without having to face the elements. Imagine… they can barbeque in comfort when others in their area may be experiencing -40 degrees Celsius weather to do so.

Inside dining area.

A bird’s eye view from the upper level.

The wall toward Lake Ramsey.

There was an error with window placement only allowing for the thickness of a 1″ window sills, which would not look good beside building stone that looked chunky and strong. We made L Shaped window sills, that are 1″ thick on top, but have a 5″ height where visable. It was an amazing way to cover an error. Our customer was very impressed.

A winter view over Lake Ramsey, from the dining room table. This view is beautiful in all four seasons.

The owner of this house used to own the Sudbury Wolves hockey team. They are so happy with how the stonework turned out, and very graciously gave us a tour indoors and outdoors. They are a very friendly and appreciative couple.