The full height fireplace, goes all the way to the ceiling between the wooden beam structure of this very open room with a cathedral ceiling. There are also numerous stone pillars throughout the house, giving the appearance of strength and structure.

The focal feature of an operating fireplace is also seen from the kitchen and dining area. Thanks to our happy customer that joyfully have this tour inside and outside their home.

One of our beautiful stone pillars inside the house. The mortar was tinted to a grey on the interior of the project to blend well with the grey beams in the ceiling structure.

Another pillar and fireplace in another room.

The Sawn Height Elite Blue Granite looks attractive on a modern fireplace as well. The pieces are sawn to 2 1/4″, 5″, 7 3/4″ and 10 1/2″ heights and fit together with a 1/2″ mortar joint.

A fireplace, and with a side glance, you have a lake view (that doesn’t show well on this picture because it was getting dark outside).