Great curb appeal on this one.

The Sawn Height Blend is 10% 2 1/4″, 40% 5″, 40% 7 3/4″, and 10% 10 1/2″ heights. The heights all fit each other with a 1/2″ mortar joint. Laying this stone is a Stone Mason’s Dream for speed laying and beauty.

Notice the nice long pieces.

The Stone Mason shaped beautiful square and true corner pieces.

The stone-mason did a good job of shaping the 130 degree corner. This project is full bed, but the Elite Blue Granite Sawn Height is available in thin veneer as well. It is also available in (A) Squares and Rec’s, (B) Ledgerock, and (C) Random Shapes and is available tumbled as well.

It’s so easy to keep walls and corners straight and true with sawn heights.

The window sills are matching Elite Blue Granite and are 3″ thick and 6″ deep with a hand chiseled front edge, textured top and drip cut in bottom.

A close-up showing the color variation and beautiful veining in the Elite Blue Granite. We often darken the wall by adding whatever percentage of “Midnight Black” the customer desires to get the project as dark as they desire.

This customer was so happy with the stone, they wanted us to come in for a visit. It’s rewarding visiting such happy customers.

The front garage.


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