The Elite Blue Granite Random (Mosaic) in this project is for “fire rated building codes” but adds beauty to this kitchen as well. The cook stove is for cooking food, as well as gives heat for the home as well.

Left side view.

Right side view.

We went over to our neighbours for an enjoyable evening of picture taking and visiting.

The Random Elite Blue Granite for fire protection on the floor has a “Sawn & Textured Surface” leaving it very flat… (allowing the stove to sit very even.) The several step texturing process magnifies the beautiful veining in the Elite Blue Granite.

This Cook Stove also has the Old Time “Warming Closet”.

The “close up view” shows the beautiful veining in the Elite Blue Granite. The wall has a split surface.

The stone shelf provides a place for the Lantern to sit. This stone is filled with sparkle. Some people darken the wall by adding whatever percentage of Midnight Black they desire to achieve as dark of shade as they like.

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