Ray and Paula spent 10 hours of driving to come and see our stone before their purchase, and are very happy they found us. They knew they wanted real stone. They spent many hours driving to another supplier three times, and even though they told the sales person that they wanted real stone, he kept pushing them toward concrete Thin Veneer. They got tired of their desires not being listened to, and were happy to find that we have real stone and listen to a customer’s preferences. The letter below does well to express their satisfaction and appreciation for the service and product received from Colonial Brick and Stone Inc.

“Dear Elroy,

Your expansive knowledge, honesty, and having the gift to be able to give an

unbiased opinion helped us immensely. In that regard, we placed total trust in

you. Thank you.

Lunch at Anna-Mae’s was a welcome rest following our long journey.

It also afforded opportunity for all to get to know each other a little more.

Pie and Nanaimo bars for us to bring with us to share with our children!

You provided a day that we will not soon forget.

The tough “decision-making” was made really quite simple with regard to

stone choice and application due to honest dialoging.

We retired last evening giving even greater glory to our Maker!


Raphael & Paula Ann”

During Installation

The chimney upright cap support pieces are installed, but the upper cap is not installed yet.

The customer ordered the stone with broken edges, and later decided to have the stone masons saw trim edges. We inform customers that desire sawn edges that it can be done easier as part of the production process, rather then as an afterthought on the jobsite.

The stone on the house wall has the mortar joints filled with mortar, and tooled with recessed joints. The post pillars on this picture don’t have mortar in the joints yet. The post caps are made from Elite Blue Granite (which matches the window sills), and have hand chiseled edges.

A close up picture of the original Paula’s Dream Blend. We also do several other revised blends.

Stone arches always looks so solid, strong and nice.

Matching stone was used in the kitchen. The stone looks so nice with the stamped steel ceiling, and the solid wood cupboards.

They used a recessed mortar joint, and the mason cleaned the stonework well.

Our customer likes the one piece mantle and hearth we hand crafted to fit their fireplace. The handcrafted mantle supports were made of matching stone as well. The wood ceiling and floor and the stone fireplace looks so nice together.