This is “The Cheltenham blend” with added Brown. The tall stone pillars add beauty to this entrance.

Natural Stone has so much beauty and adds value to any home.

A close up pic. of the Cheltenham Blend (with Brown). (A) The Elite Blue Granite Ledgerock (the lighter pieces with visible veins) is 70% of the blend. (B) The midnight Black Ledgerock is 30% of the blend and is the darker pieces. (C) This customer chose to add the extra 10% brown to the blend to suit their taste. We are flexible with our customers and allow them to add the brown or leave it out . We also gladly adjust the ratios of Midnight Black and Elite Blu Granite. Some of our customers also desire to use the “Midnight Black” or the “Elite Blue Granite” separately as well instead of in blend.

The Brown added to this home blends well with the brown entrance door.

The “Cheltenham Blend” is a blend of colors being 30% Midnight Black, 70% Elite Blue Granite with the option to add as much Brown as desired. It is not limited to only “Ledgerock” like this home but is also available in Sawn Height or Squares and Rectangles, or random shapes as well. Other options that can be requested are… (A) The Ledgerock can be “low rise” or regular heights. (B) The Squares and rectangles also have several heights to select. Some of our clients also blend Ledgerock and Squares and Rectangles together.

We have over 200 Natural Stone Choices and supply our products to Deserts, mountains, flat-lands, and northern cottage areas. We have something for everyone.

The “Midnight Black” fits well with the Black window trim, soffit, facia, and roof.

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