Wood and stone… so amazing. Imagine how beautiful this project will be when everything is completed.

The Elite Blue Granite Ledgerock was laid with very tight joints.

As you can see in the mirror affect in the window, this is a beautifully treed woodlot. As we drove through the scenic lane in the woods it suddenly opened up to this amazing setting beside the water.

The matching Elite Blue Granite window sill finishes the top of the stone skirt off nicely. The textured top magnifies the beautiful veining and colors.

A close-up picture of the Elite Blue Granite Ledgerock, laid with very tight joints. The stone Mason deserves a pat on the back for his quality workmanship.

The matching stone chimney looks so solid and strong.

The beautiful garage.

What a beautiful setting. My wife and I are really enjoying getting these pictures and seeing where our products get used.

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