Beautiful mountains are seen through the windows of this amazing house. Some people like the veins you see in the Elite Blue Granite Ledgerock. 

The stone mason did a good job of laying the Ledgerock with a very tight, drystack joint. You can also darken the wall by adding 30% Elite Blue Granite Bedface (which is our Mountain Blend) and also gives taller “jumpers”.

The coach-style lights and all the old style wood work fits so well with the Elite Blue Granite Ledgerock.

The Elite Blue Granite Ledgerock, wood, stucco, rod iron and mountains in the background all compliment each other.
You may be surprised to know that this Real Stone Thin Veneer beats the price of the leading Concrete Thin Veneers in our area, and re-sale value is much higher. Also note that if you chip real stone, real stone is exposed and adds to its beauty by often revealing color veins, compared to chipping a piece of concrete man made stone which reveals broken aggregate in the chipped area and exposes that it is not a natural product. We are so happy to give our customers more value for less cost, making our Real Stone a better investment.

You can’t beat a good quality real stone for beauty, durability, adding extra re-sale value to  home and taking it to the next level. Check out our tremendous selection of Natural Stone products on our website