This stone mason did a precise and amazing job on this house in Northern Ontario. Some customers want the installer to lay each piece perfectly like this and others prefer a more rustic appearance. The house owner should be prepared to pay their installer extra, to have the masons put the additional time into laying stone so perfectly. The stone mason will love me for this statement, just being fair because I have laid many pieces myself and understand their feelings. Anyone producing any natural stone products should first be an installer because it helps you produce to please the stone masons.

Notice the angled corners on both edges of the garage.


This outdoor Grill surrounded by beautiful woods looks very nice. Notice the pictures were taken after a wash down, so the stone, being wet, is darker. Sometimes we have customers that desire to have the overall project darker so they add bed-face in the same Elite Blue Granite at whatever percentage they want it darker. Bed face (the darker side) is available in:

a) sawn height                 

b)squared (broken edges)

c) random shapes          

The Oversized Flagstone is not polished as it appears, but is wet. Matching oversized flagstone is available with the Sawn and Textured finish, leaving it flat as a pancake but with good grip (advised for outdoors). Oversized Flagstone is available up to 12 feet long.

A tall chimney always looks good in natural stone.

Outdoor fireplaces add charm to any project. Notice the wow factor that the one piece lintle (over the fireplace opening) gives the project.

The one piece mantle is in the same Elite Blue Granite. Matching flagstone or one piece hearths are also available cut thin to sink into the floor, or cut any thickness desired for a raised hearth.Hearth tops can be polished, textured or natural. The edges can be sawn (for sunken application), polished or hand chiseled.

Step treads are available in one, two or three piece sections and need extra grip, so we often texture them for safety. The texturing we do magnifies color and veining. We noticed the “ankles higher than the eyes” experience may be fun short term, but hurts when you land – thus why we are careful to produce non-skid stairs.