The flowing edge sidewalk, built from Elite Blue Granite flows from the garage to the front entrance, and around to the steps leading around the house, toward the lake.

The oversized flagstone flares over to the garage doors and is part of the driveway.

The front entrance.

The “L-Shaped Copings” on the edge of the front porch, give the visual effect of the porch being built with 7″ thick slabs of Elite Blue Granite.

A top view of the lakeside patio, shows the amazing veining in the Elite Blue Granite Oversized Flagstone. Texturing the surface magnifies the veining. Notice the Sauna in the background.

The mason sawed the edges of the Elite Blue Granite oversized flagstone, to tight fit the joints.

The flowing edge walkway from the lakeside patio to the dock.

A closer picture of the flowing edge walkway going from the “Lake Edge Patio” to the dock. The textured surface magnifies the beautiful veining in the Elite Blue Granite.