This customer chose Elite Blue Granite that was squared with a guillotine and wanted some squared Harvest Gold Limestone added as well. We made the Elite Blue Granite “Keystone” with a split face, and matching arched soldier course, above the fireplace opening. Also notice the one piece Elite Blue Granite hearth.

A crackling fire always sounds, looks and feels so good. Many people are captivated for many hours of enjoyment.

The fireplace, inside of a beautiful log home, is Elite Blue Granite Squared and Ledgerock, with some Harvest Gold Squared Limestone accent pieces. Notice the upright pieces used as a “hot air vent” above the fireplace opening. The hearth is made from 2″ thick Elite Blue Granite.

This fireplace (inside of a nice barn/office) was made with Squared Elite Blue Granite and Fieldstone. The hearths are Elite Blue Granite. The stone looks nice with all the wood.