This fireplace was built with Sawn Height Elite Blue Granite. The heights were 2 1/4″ and 5″, which fits together with a 5″ mortar joint. There are also matching 7 3/4″ and 10 1/2″ heights available but this customer chose to receive only the two lowest heights.

Notice the 45 Degree angles the stone was shaped to under the hearth, rather than having one vertical joint. The hearth is Elite Blue Granite Random Flagstone.

Natural Stone always looks good in a setting with heavy wood trim and wood floors.

All the pics above are the sawn height building stone 2 1/4″ and 5″ heights. It is all bed-face (the top of the stone). Notice that the pictures below are all Ledgerock (the vein face showing). The bed-face has some darker pieces and the Ledgerock is lighter. There is an obvious difference between the two cuts (in the same stone).

This customer chose to lay the Ledgerock with Drystack joints. They also got some black mortar color from us to add to the adhering mortar, so it looks like a shadow at the back of the joint.

This customer asked for an Elite Blue Granite mantle with a polished top and hand chiseled edges. Notice the beautiful veining in the Elite Blue Granite hearth and mantle.

They also chose to have their hearth with a polished top and hand chiseled edges.

This view shows the shadow effect that’s achieved by having the Ledgerock cut at varying depths. The drystack joints also create shadows.