This lakeside property in the Sudbury area in Northern Ontario showcases numerous of our Granite products. As you come winding in the lane, around mature trees, you get to a clearing with a beautiful home.

Notice the surrounding colors often affect an entire project. This customer chose green siding, and the Elite Blue Granite has hints of green in it also as you can see in the Oversized Flagstone.

The close up picture of small Colonial Classic Granite cubes has greys, pinks and blacks. This customer was very specific in their piece sizes, as well as the shapes of the two Elite Blue Granite random steps in the picture below.

The picture above was taken from the porch looking down onto the two large Elite Blue Granite Random, but specifically shaped, steps. Notice the unique veining in the steps and Oversized Flagstone. Due to it just having rained, the coloring is darker than if it were dry.

The walk out basement at the back side of the house gives added opportunity to show extra stone, as it covers the concrete foundation. Imagine if that much concrete foundation were showing instead of beautiful stone, and how much that would visually cheapen a nice house.

The “Shane Blend” is Sawn Height Building Stone sawn to heights that fit each other when using a 1/2″ mortar joints. The sizes are 2 1/4″, 5″, 7 3/4″ and 10 1/2″ heights with random lengths. Approximately 80% is Elite Blue Granite (the grey pieces) and 20% is Colonial Classic Granite (the pink and grey pieces). These projects are beautiful in all four seasons, but extra nice with fall leaf colors.

Timberframe and natural stone always look amazing together.

This house is surrounded by woods and lake. There are so many nicely colored trees that are mirrored in the windows. Beautiful house among the beautiful trees, in such a natural setting.