The hand hewn barn beams, vertical siding and natural stone all fit each other so well and together make a charming entrance to the office for Streicher Transport. Natural stone and hand hewn lumber always compliment each other.

This project is a blend of Eden Mills Rustic Ranch and Peterborough Fence Wall. Both are sandstones and work well together. We were grateful that the Streichers chose this blend, which allowed us to show the two kinds together.

Our customers chose to have the mortar tinted with light brown mortar color. Mr. Wagler advises to be very careful with altering color because up to 17% of the wall can be mortar (with regular mortar joints), and up to 30 – 60% of the wall can be mortar with overgrout joints (bag joints). Understandably, it is wise to tint some mortar and let it dry several days to make sure you like the color after drying and curing.

Mrs. Streicher is very talented with her decorations and has a winter scene up in the winter (like the picture above), and then changes it in the summer.

Even though the office entrance is smaller than the wash bays and mechanic areas, the office area is beautiful and inviting. The natural stone adds beauty and charm to the entrance. We thank the Streichers for enhancing their business entrance with our stone.