A) St. Marc Limestone – 2 Sets 
Round Steps- Regular Price $25,000
Now: Best Offer Above $6000
Front Steps: Side View
Front Steps: Top View
Side Steps: Top View
Step Profile
Notice the beautiful profile (end view).
Notice the finished ends of each set.
There was a lot of labor that went into these beautiful Radius Steps. They were carved out of St. Marc Limestone and they are very strong and nice. They are good enough for my own house but don’t fit. Good value for the price. The customer decided that they wanted a different color of steps after these were made.
B) Colonial Classic Granite – Special Shaped Hearth End Pcs.
Regular Price:$1700
Save $1100 – Now: only $600
Note: Two extra pieces can be added to the center for a different shape. The customer wanted a different shape.
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