Colonial’s “Tumbled Signature Blend” consists of:

50% Weatheredge Limestone – Weathered Face Ledgerock

30% Weatheredge Limestone – Squared Weathered Top (bed face)

10% Harvest Gold Limestone – Squares and Rec’s

10% Tigerstripe – Squares and Rec’s

The beams and wood under the porch roof fits the Natural Stone so well.

In this close-up picture, all the pieces are “Weatheredge Limestone” from our Quarry on Manitoulin Island. The large pieces in the top left corner, is “bedface” (the top of the stone). The other pieces are “Weathered Face Ledgerock”. The Natural wrinkles and groves in the Ledgerock give a very old, weathered face.

Another close-up.

This facelift totally changes the street view of the Butcher Shop. One of the Sons said… the old building wasn’t very pretty. It sure is pretty now. I like the wood beam and porch structure and how it fits the natural stone so well.