This Limestone Blend is approximately 70% Weatheredge Ledgerock (Vein Face) which are the blue / gray pieces and 30% Harvest Gold Squares and Random (Bed Face) which are the more golden pieces.

The full width of the house.

A close up view: The Stone Mason did a good job of the Soldier Courses above the windows, the arches, and around the circular vent.

The picture below is the “Harvest Gold Limestone” Tumbled Olde Mill Blend used separately (instead of being blended with Weatheredge Limestone).

This home, overlooking a beautiful valley, was built with “Weatheredge Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend”, and has no Harvest Gold blended into it.

This article shows two limestones blended, as well as both kinds used separately. The Tumbled Olde Mill Blends are a blend of (a) Squares & Rec’s, (b) Ledgerock, & (c) Random Shapes. This is a very old looking blend.