This section of Elite Blue Granite Random Flagstone was used for this section of walkway.

The finish is Sawn and Textured which magnifies the beauty of the amazing veining.

The Oversized flagstone in the forefront is Weatheredge Limestone Sawn and Textured Oversized Flagstone. Notice the size of these pieces. It is possible to amaze people with flagstone up to 12 ft. length.

The lighter pieces are Weatheredge Limestone compared to the darker pieces are Elite Blue Granite.

These flat pieces are textured on the surface which gives grip for added safety.

Notice the Pizza Oven in the background.

Notice the Weatheredge Limestone Standing Table cut out of a piece of Weathered Face Armor Stone. The polished top also has a “Weathered Face”.

The 1′ x 2′ Elite Blue Granite Square Cut Flagstone was used as a banding for the edge of the patio. The stone on the pillars and building is “Colonial’s Tumbled Signature Blend”.