The ocean view is seen from three floors and porches from this property.

The lawn and flagstone create a map of the one ocean cove and can be viewed from the porch above, and while coming down the stairs. The flagstone is Colonial Classic Random Granite.

This large step is Colonial Classic Granite. It is also available in a sawn and flamed finish, with the choices of natural, rock faced or sawn and flamed face.

The hand split Colonial Classic Random Granite Flagstone has pink and grey veining and is also available with sawn and flamed finish.

Mr. Wagler enjoyed travelling to Maine, USA to view this project, get these pictures and to see the very pleased look on the proud landscape designer/installer’s face.

We were pleased with how the landscaper made the whole project look so amazing by using this beautiful stone.

Matching steps, hearths, mantels and thin veneer are also available. You also have the option to use more or less vibrant colors, as well as more or less pink to suit your taste. We also have several greys and blacks for those that like those colors or blends better.

Very nice project, very happy customer.

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