Notice the Tri-fold brochures stationed with each type of Natural Stone.

Looking through the showroom displays toward the front counter.

We show pictures of finished projects on top of the display, helping customers with decisions.

Many choices 103 and growing. Some are modern and some rustic. Some fit desert areas and some Mountain or Cottage areas. Some regular split-face and some tumbled. A huge selection.

We have tower and wall mount displays.

We have Blues, Grays, Beige, Gold, White, Browns, and have the new sought after “Black”.

So many choices.

We also Blend selections so our Customer’s can get exactly what they want.

Our designer suggested that we leave the structural wood arches exposed which we are happy with.

Looking past the wood arches, through windows, to an amazing landscape view on the exterior.

And yes, we do get snow in Canada.

At Colonial Brick & Stone Inc. there are several groups of people that are very important to us. (A) Our Customers (B) Our Employee’s and (C) The People selling our Natural Stone. Thanks everyone… when we see effort, we appreciate it.

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