Yes it’s winter in Ontario, Canada. We are so happy that our newly renovated offices and showroom is usable. The surrounds and sills around the windows and doors are cut from Weatheredge Limestone and have a sand blasted surface.

The Thin Veneer stone used on our reno was our “Signature Blend” that we produce at this location.

Notice the Thin Veneer Oversized “L-Shaped Corner” at the bottom.

Closer up picture of our “Signature Blend”, which is four types of Limestone and they are all tumbled.

Pillar at entrance

The sand blasted sill with 4″ height.

Showing the difference between (A) a Weatheredge Limestone Rock-faced Cap and (B) the Weatheredge Limestone Sawn and Sand Blasted sill (under window). Different finishes look so different with the same stone.

The Window and Door Surrounds and sills are made from Weatheredge Limestone and are sawn and Sand Blasted finish.


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