We are happy to have changes to our Shop front. The New Stone (our Signature Blend) which is:

(A) 50% Weatheredge Weathered Face Limestone Ledgerock

(B) 30% Weatheredge Squared Weathered Bed-Face Limestone

(C) 10% Harvest Gold Limestone Squares and Rec’s

(D) 10% Tigerstripe Limestone Squares and Rec’s

All were tumbled, giving weatherworn looking, rounded edges. We were happy that our designer “Imagine Inc.” wanted to preserve some of our arched shape in our new design. He said that many people spend big dollars to create arches and we should not cover all of ours, so we kept some visable arches on both the exterior and the arched beams on the interior. Thanks Lester for your input.

The back of wall going over the round steel roof building. We did a triple flashing, to insure no water would come down through the ceiling.

Colonial Brick & Stone Inc. produced the Natural Stone Blend and sills and detail pieces and their Stone Masons laid it.

A close up of the Natural Stone thin veneer going over the roof. The engineered structure was designed so the structure takes the weight and not the roof.

The stone Accent Wall viewed from the West end.

HFH did an amazing job of keeping the project advancing at record speed… allowing us to be back working in the re-finished offices and showroom quickly. We enjoyed their pleasant attitude, hard work ethics, and efforts to make our building amazing.

Our “Oversized L-Shaped Thin Veneer Cornerstone” had be made thicker because of the large size and flowing front face.

A close up picture f the “Oversized L-Shaped Thin Veneer Cornerstone”. People seeing it can hardly believe their eyes. The size is: 3 1/2 ft. long x 28 1/2 in. high with a 25 in. return. It’s an amazing corner piece like the “Old Buildings” would have had.

Notice the “Harvest Gold Oversized Thin Veneer Corner” displayed on the pillar… close to the entrance of our building. Yes we have snow in Canada, sometimes in October and sometimes in November but our production facility continues to produce our natural stone products all winter.

The pictures below were taken two days later.

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