Left section: The Thin Veneer is being installed onto the base-coat before the mortar has been placed in the joints.

Right section: After wall is finished, with mortar in the joints and tooled.

1st 2 steps of Thin Veneer Installation:

1st: Apply Tyrpar to wall

2nd: place rain screen over top of Typar

Close -up of rain screen. Notice the fastening screw with washer, holding the rain screen to the wall.

Fasten screws through the furrel strip.

The fiber mesh is fastened to the rain screen (making the mesh and plastic rain screen install a one step application). We love using this product, because the fiber-mesh doesn’t cut your hand like the wire mesh and does not rust. We also like the labor savings of one step application instead of two steps. Labor savings are so important in a high pressure, high demand time.

Our “Tumbled Signature Blend” is:

50% Weatheredge Ledgerock (with weathered face)

30% Weatheredge Squared (Weathered top of stone

10% Harvest Gold Limestone (Squared)

10% Squared Tigerstripe

All were tumbled.

We recommend adhering Natural Stone Thin Veneer with “Masonboard 400”, which is very sticky and adheres very, very well. If “Masonboard 400” is not available in your area, use an equivalent product.

The upper area has fresh mortar applied and packed into the joints.

The lower area has the mortar joints recessed.

This video shows Dave jointing with our new recessed jointing tool. Notice how nicely you can create a smooth recessed mortar joint. We purposely tightly press the mortar against the top and bottom of the joint, which seals the mortar against the stone. With some practice with this little tool, tooling the joints becomes fast, efficient, and neat.

This is a close up picture of the jointing tool that is used in the video.

Colonial Brick and Stone new store front (close to completion). It was a nice face-lift. People are talking about the amazing change for miles around us.

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