Some customers desire to have stone from the home they grew up in… cut to fit a new application. Since this picture, both saws have been replaced with new ones.

The Elite Blue Granite Mantle and Quarbells were sawn and textured finish. The center Quarbell piece was cut 3″ taller and 2″ wider than the outside pieces.

The continuous veining in a 6-8′ long hearth is amazing and gets magnified with either polished or textured finish. (like above)

The polished hand carved sink and backsplash were a real talking point in this home. Lisa (that used to visit her Grandma on Manitoulin Island, ON when she was a little girl… wanted a remembrance of Grandma in her new home on Mercer Island) in the State of Washington USA.

I told Lisa we can carve a sink out of our “Weatheredge Limestone” which is quarried on Manitoulin Island. We left the rustic “Natural Weathered Face “on the front edge.” Lisa was so happy. I told the boys we can’t carve a perfect round or oval sink… because it has to look handmade and match the flowing front edge. It turned out amazing.

This step has the weathered front face left natural and is available with rock faced front as well.

Also notice the 8′ fence post in the background.

We are so proud of the work our dealer in New York State is doing on these projects. They hand delivered templates, so that we could shape these radius copings to fit their wall. The concrete block wall was faced with Weatheredge Limestone Tumbled Splitface and Weathered Face Ledegrock. Some of the caps had post holes, for the rod iron fence.

Look at the talent these stone masons possess. These copings were “rock faced” on both edges, and have a beautifully textured top which magnifies the natural veining and sometimes fossils found in the Weatheredge Limestone.

This amazing hearth slab had a radius on the front edge, and matched the mantle and all the other caps.