This house is in the Stratford ON area. The Brown Limestone Ledgerock on these houses was split with the vein face showing and was not tumbled. It is available tumbled, for those that prefer rounded edges.

I will have to compliment our stone masons for doing a nice job on this project. The arches turned out nice but require extra work and effort. Notice that the two pictures above have faded to a nicely seasoned soft brown color. The picture directly below is when the same stone was freshly quarried and is much more brilliant. Customers that desire the soft brown do nothing extra and watch nature do its job, while the stone becomes the soft brown that they desire. Those that want the more brilliant browns seal it with a sealer/color enhancer.

The Brown Limestone Ledgerock has darker veins running through the face, giving it a unique and interesting appearance. The veining stands out to be different from what you find in most stone.

The garage on the same Brown Limestone Ledgerock house on other pictures above. Notice the soldier coarse (upright pieces) above the doors.

Indoors the Brown Limestone Ledgerock stays quite brilliant. Outdoors it fade to a light brown. If you desire to keep the color more vibrant, a sealer/color enhancer can be used. Mr. Wagler warn that if you desire to use a sealer, use it on an off cut or garbage piece of stone before starting to use it on the wall to be sure you like the end result.

The house above is the fresh split color compared to the one below which has faded and no sealer/color enhancer was used. Notice that it becomes a nice soft brown.