Taking the old out to prepare for a new look.

It looks quite bad yet…but prepare…

Each step of the way, making a difference.

Wow…can you believe the difference the Tumbled #19 Ledgerock blend made. Also notice the Brown Limestone Landscape Cubes, which also blends well with the #19 Blend because there is Brown Limestone Ledgerock in the #19 Blend as well.

We had an interesting experience while quoting this project. The customer gave me the square footage required to complete the “landscape portion” of the job. I figured out the price of the stone based upon the square footage I was given. I gave the price and noticed that they were surprised it was so high. I felt bad..but the quote that I had given was very fair. The customer did go ahead with the project and when they were done with the “landscape portion” they still had enough stone left over to cover the tall foundation wall as well. That explained why they were surprised at the cost of the stone. When they realized that they had given the wrong amount of square footage for the project, they realized that the stone in fact was a very good price and they are very happy.

The Brown Limestone Landscape Cubes are an easy to work with cube and fits most settings.

This closeup picture shows the wide color range in the #19 Ledgerock Blends. There are five colors of Limestone in this blend and it is available either tumbled, or just regular guillotine split. Its wide range of color helps it to blend with many settings.