One of our friends got tired of looking at their half brick and half wood fireplace in their chalet in the Collingwood area. They decided it needed a face-lift, and asked us to change it to Natural Stone, which looks much better with the natural view you see through the glass, looking outdoors.


They chose a blend of Elite Blue Granite and Harvest Gold Limestone along with some Weatheredge Limestone. They also desired a lot of quite random shapes, and yet wanted them split into quite linear pieces. Notice the hand hewn mantle and the Elite Blue Granite one piece hearth we supplied, as our customer requested.


Our customer added the second fireplace with matching stonework in the same dwelling. They were so happy with everything that they decided to put stone thin veneer on their house foundation outside to add beauty to the exterior aesthetics as well. They also asked us back to do a stone patio and steps. Our aim is to have happy customers.

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