The Timothy’s Blends are available in many cuts and finishes. On the exterior they chose the sawn height building stone. We were happy this blend turned out so beautifully on my cousin’s house. The colors all fit together so well.

The front entrance has stone to full height and the rest of the stone area is capped off with an Elite Blue Granite window sill flush with the bottom of the windows. The Timothy’s Blend is 70% Weatheredge Limestone and 30% Elite Blue Granite. Both stones have awesome veining.


A side view of the house showing the “skirt” and the 2 1/4″ height window sills with a rock-faced (chiseled) front edge and a drip cut underneath.


The corners look beautiful with stone returning around it.


The shed on this farm has a matching stone skirt and Elite Blue Granite window sills.


Inside, our cousins also chose Timothy’s Blend for two floors going down the stairway. However, this wall was Splitface Ledgerock and is tumbled. Mr. Wagler had suggested that with little grandchildren, the tumbling process rounds the edges and is safer than crisp edges in a high traffic area, especially when grandchildren are in a hurry to get to Grandpa and Grandma’s toy room downstairs.


Notice the wide return on the thin veneer corners. Even though the thin veneer is only 1″ thick, it looks like a 7″ solid wall.


At the bottom of the stairs and the rustic stone wall, a doorway opens into a room exhibiting a “Vintage Kitchen” with floor and ceiling matching.


This part of the cupboard was taken out of the Peffers General Store when it closed numerous decades ago. It’s nice to keep history alive in a neighborhood. I remember shopping in this store when I was young.