The picture above is wet and below is dry.

This customer did a special order of “Elite Blue Granite Steps” to fit their entrance. Notice the size of the landing piece on top, which is made in one piece.

The same stairs from a distance.

The Elite Blue Granite shelves were used to close a window, after the addition placed the window inside the house.

This is a top view of the “Tumbled, Squared Harvest Gold Limestone” Thin Veneer that was placed on the stair wall, to blend with the existing house.

A front view of the Tumbled Squared Harvest Gold used on the stairway.

Our customer took us to what he called the room he enjoys the best in his whole house. (The Cave)

Existing Stone walls and the bedrock coming through the floor make this room amazing. After seeing this amazing room, I felt it should still have a (cave-like) stone ceiling, which we are going to suggest, along with getting rid of the ceiling lights and having light shining through cracks in the stone. I get so excited thinking about what you can do to make something nice, outstanding.

This is real bedrock.

Our customer loves nature and I understand why this room is so special to him.

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