This customer with an amazing, repointed Limestone house chose to have their front steps accent their project. We pre-built these stairs, landing and knee-walls at our shop, and our men delivered and installed them. Notice the size of the landing piece on top.

The steps are textured on top to provide grip (for safety) as well as to magnify the beautiful veining.

The homeowner and his wide built this drystack retaining wall from Limestone rubble from the property. What a beautiful view from the street!

This property has many amazing drystack walls. The owner told me to lean over the wall and look at the other side. To my amazement it was a 40 ft drop and there was a shed roof way below.

There was a lot of drystack structure on this property.

When I stepped out of my truck, I heard the running water. They took me to see where the sound was coming from. What an amazing property!

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