BCT Solutions chose to use all 5″ heights, which were sawn top and bottom, for the entrance to their commercial building. The darker stone contrasts and stands out from the rest of the modern white building.

For many years our customers were very happy with the darkness of the Elite Blue Granite. However we noticed in recent years, people started asking if we have anything darker. After seeing demand for as dark as possible, we added some darker selections. These darker stones can be used as darker highlights with the Elite Blue Granite, or other stones, to darken the project, or as a very black stand alone stone.

We also supplied the 3 1/2′ by 5′ sign rock for them in one piece.

BCT Solutions has a large fleet of trucks in the Brantford, ON area. Colonial Brick and Stone thanks them for choosing our stone for their new building.

This close up picture shows the unique veining and colour variation the Elite Blue Granite offers.

Notice that some of the corner pieces have as much as a 8 to 10″ return on them. We cut them to a “L-shape” so we can get a wide return (double of the standard 3-5″ return) that most producers supply in a “full bed building stone.”

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