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SAVE fuel, money, and the environment !! AquaTune is a highly precise injection system consisting of air injection, and an ultra-sonic air regulator. This amazing device allows you to put money back into our pocket !!!

AquaTune Hydrogen Fuel System (Gas Unit)

AquaTune Hydrogen Fuel System (Gas Unit)

the heart of the AquaTune system


*More horse power and a higher torque range.

*From 25% and up increase in fuel economy.

*Up to 30% increase in horse power.

*Gets rid of harmful carbon deposits.

*Pass previously failed DEQ checkouts.

*Now available for most motorcycles. Also for boats and racing applications.

*Soon to be available for all diesel applications.



* Converting engines to hydrogen hybrid vehicles;

* Increasing fuel economy by 25% per mpg, or more;

* Lowering tailpipe emissions by 40%, or more;

* Prolonging engine life;

* Oil changes need to be done only every 9,000 miles;

* Oil filters changed only every 4,500 miles;

* Never having to wire into computer emissions sensors or to use any kind of manipulators;

* Units are transferable;

This is a finely turned water injection system unlike any other, giving atomization of water and air before going into the engine where it is further atomized. Here in turn it collides with the fuel molecules making a highly explosive mixture and expanding the fuel. All carbon starts immediately being removed inside the engine to the same state it was in when it was new. This happens because hot carbon and water doesn’t mix, somewhat like nitro colliding with glycerin and small carbon deposits going by valve seats and helping to break off other deposits … giving a clean sweet machine with a much higher compression ratio and a more complete burning of fuels, making in essence a half steam engine, half gas engine. This makes for a sweet, tune, efficient combustion and 15% to 30% more horsepower.

It’s been well known for many years, and still is today, that the steam engine is the most powerful of all engines and still used on aircraft carriers for catapulting jet fighters off the carrier. Also, the water injection was used on the P-38 fighter planes during WW II and at their high altitudes gave the engine a whopping 68% more horse power. Therefore, at 2500 ft. above sea level you could expect 38% more horse power, of course, that does depend on the condition of the engine and how well it has been tuned. So here is what can be expected from our system: from 25%, to even higher, more miles per gallon. The car can operate on regular fuel, this is true for all vehicles. It gets rid of all harmful carbon deposits. More horse power and a higher torque range. This also helps keep the oil cleaner and helps contamination in the injection oil. It also reduces emissions, lowers CO, lower HC and lower NOX.

Secondly, AquaTune is like no other water injection system in that it’s a fuel cell hydrogen processor. It produces hydrogen-rich bubbles before being introduced into the engine draft. After this it becomes a even more highly enriched hydrogen as it collides with hot metals and combustion and it drops the engine combustion temperature down. Now the engine timing can be advanced up to 7 degrees over factory specifications, if so desired.

AquaTune is a highly precise injection system consisting of air injection, water injection, and an ultra-sonic barometric pressure chamber giving off ultra-sonic frequencies which in turn are splitting the hydrogen from the oxygen creating hydrogen-rich bubbles and hydrogen gases. This in turn gives a promise of 25% better fuel mileage and up to 30% more horse power. This pressure chamber adjusts to any altitude and is not affected by heat. Because the unit is anodized inside and out it resists corrosion. To further resist corrosion we use nickel-plated nipples going into and out of the unit. It has stainless steel jetting and internal micron filtration with up to 6 microns assuring that it will never stop up. Note: most people are reporting from 35% to even higher better fuel mileage. In part, this is due to a much higher torque range and horse power because your foot is much higher on the gas pedal to achieve your best miles per hour. We find that most vehicles use two quarts of water to 15 gallons of fuel, depending on driving conditions. At times, we also add a 1/1 ratio of 70% by volume Isopropyl alcohol can be purchased at any drugstore or pharmacy. We highly recommend the use of distilled water to avoid possible mineral buildup.

At the time of installation it is advisable to have had a tune-up and to make certain that the O2 sensor is in good operating condition to ensure the highest achievements from your AquaTune system. Each injection unit is bench tested for top quality and to be trouble free. So you see with this system it’s like getting your fourth tank free. Clearly you can see you have all to gain and nothing to lose.


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