These steps are 4′ long, 18″ deep and 7″ high. They were made from Weatheredge Limestone and have a hand chiseled (rock faced) front edge. Being sawn top and bottom, they fit each other very well and are extremely easy to work with. The top of these steps are textured to create a non-skid, safe walking area.

The Weatheredge Limestone steps with the weathered front face look 200 years old the moment they are laid. They look like a naturally occurring out crop and we have matching weathered face armor stone and waterfall stone.


Concrete step with rust spots and crack on back corner.


This customer chose a 4′ by 18″ by 7″ thick Elite Blue Granite step with added veining. They loved the veining this piece had and were happy they had selected it.

This customer rented our two wheeled cart with adjustable forks to lay this piece. They said the cart made handling a heavy piece much easier and allowed them to complete the project without having to bring in a piece of equipment.

Notice these Elite Blue Granite steps have pre-cut spacers at the ends that are cut the same height as the steps.

Notice the beautiful veining in these steps. It is so intriguing to see veining in continuous flow from one end to another (especially in very long pieces). We have had the pleasure of making some extremely long hearth slabs, steps and landings. Sizing examples are of

a) a landing 7′ by 21′

b) a step 4′ by 22′

c) a hearth 3′ by 16′

d) another hearth 4′ by 18′

People are awe struck when they see and hear the amazing sizes we can produce. One owner of a third generation stone company commented, “I have never seen such large stone slabs in my lifetime.I am amazed that they hold together during extraction.” This customer bought a 4′ by 22′ step, and sold it to a golf clubhouse to be used as a hearth for their gigantic fireplace. Our distributor told us that when the one piece hearth was installed, it was indeed a stunning piece!

This stair case is on an ocean view property in Maine USA. They were hand split from Colonial Classic Granite and the colors are grey and pink. They have beautiful veining. Matching flagstone is available in square or random shapes. Flamed finish is also available in these products.

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