Nick and Katie ordered a very precise blend that they prefered. It was 9 of their selections which include: (1) 20% Elite Blue Squares and Rectangles (2) 10% Tan Squares and Rectangles (3) 10% Tan Ledgerock (4) 10% Harvest Gold Random (5) 10% Eden Mills Rustic Ranch (6) 10% Black Limestone Ledgerock (7&8) 20% Light and Dark Tigerstripe Limestone Ledgerock (9) 10% Brown Limestone Ledgerock

Nick and Katie are very happy with their choice of colors and textures of stone, however it was a lot on the mason’s mind to keep the ratios correct. (Nearly a hair pulling experience)

A close up pic. of the outside of the chimney. Notice: this customer chose to Not have it tumbled.

This fireplace inside the screened in porch is on the back side of the chimney on the 1st pictures.

We made the hearth from Elite Blue Granite with 3 rock-faced edges.

This fireplace is inside the main house.

They chose a wood beam mantle and an Elite Blue Granite hearth.

The Tan and Harvest Gold Limestone help the stonework to blend with the used yellow bricks.

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