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We are moving a part of our yard, and this has created a BIG sale. There are lots of choices of stone for all to enjoy!

There are selections like:

*Ruby Lake Marble (Nipigon)


ruby lake marble product ruby lake marble random wallstone ruby lake marble small wallstone ruby lake marble wallstone



*Smooth River Rock (Montana)


montanna river rock



*Steps & Building Stone (Montana)

*Muskoka Granite Steps


muskoka granite slabs muskoka granite step slabs muskoka granite step



*Chicken Rock (eastern Ontario)

*Coffee Cream Limestone (northern Ontario)

*Green/Brown & White Marble Boulders


light green marble rusty green marble boulders rusty green marble boulder



*Large Sign Rocks


elite blue granite sign rocks elite blue granite sign slab



*Large Sandstone Boulders (eastern Ontario)


sandstone boulders



*Weathered Pond Bottom Skins (Manitoulin Island)


weatheredge limestone pond bottom skins pond bottoms skins weathered pond bottoms skins



There are many more choices to choose from. Too many to mention.