Pieces of History

Reclaimed Ancient Pieces of History

     The spout that many years ago had crushed grains pouring out of it had water flowing out of it at the Landscape show. The millstone on top had water bubbling out of it. Its so charming to have something so old in your garden as a real conversation piece. These are hand carved from a piece of natural stone and reclaimed from old mills.

     We can’t bear to see so much hard work and craftsmanship being buried just because more modern and less labor intensive methods of crushing grains has taken over the food industry, no longer requiring the original use, so we feel good about making these ancient pieces of history available for your landscape projects.

     Our collection of historic pieces includes millstone, grindstones, stone rollers, steps and troughs animals used to eat or drink out of which we use for flower planters.


Average Sizes:

Millstones: 20-24″ in diameter and 4-7″ thick (200 lbs.)

Grindstones: 10-16″ in diameter and 4-7″ thick (50-80 lbs.)

Millstone Base: 31-39″ diameter and 4-6″ thick (200-300 lbs.)

Mill Stone Water Feature on a Mill Stone Base

Mill Stone Water Feature on a Mill Stone Base


Mill Stones
granite mill stones


Grind Stones

granite grind stones


Roller Stone
granite roller stone

Small Trough
small trough planter

small trough bathroom basin


Medium Trough
medium trough


Large Troughs

large trough

Natural Stone Planters

Ancient troughs that animals drank or ate out of many years ago. It would be a shame to trash these after people spent many hours hand carving these beautiful pieces out of a solid piece of stone. We are salvaging them to be used as planters. Imaging the many hours of chiseling by hand for each trough and how disappointing if a corner broke when nearly finished. A lot of time and care went into each historic piece. Each trough would have a story to tell, during the time of being made, as well as the many animals that enjoy clean food because of the tough. Real conversation pieces!

Average Sizes:

Small Trough: 19-33″ long by 10-15″ wide and 6-10″ high

Medium Trough: 31-43″ long by 16-22″ wide and 10-14″ high

Granite Small Trough Planter

Granite Small Trough Planter

Limestone Medium Trough Planter

Limestone Medium Trough Planter